Summer Interlude:Take I

Bean Pie’s trip to Cali (see previous post  “Bean Pie Goes Traveling: Repository of Good Eats”) was inspiring, instructive, reinvigorating and reaffirming, but it’s behind me now. Well, almost. I wanted to catch y’all up on some photos. In three short weeks I managed to front load a boatload of yum. The San Francisco Bay Area is a foodie Garden of Eden and say what you will about our politics/public schools/ideologies/and ex-governors, when it comes to food, California has got it going ON and I am pleased to be privvy to its charms. If you have been to any of these places, chime in!

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And even though I don’t have a photo, I want to give a shout out to Kwik Way (here’s the link  to an East Bay Express article about its history and its reopening) on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA for having my favorite bean burger — they call it a Veggie Cheeseburger. Believe me, I am a hard sell on that one, but I found it dee-licious enough that I may try to replicate it at home out of sheer necessity.

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